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Unnamed civilization’s tombs found in Panama

This is a super interesting find: Archaeologists working in Central America have found tombs from an unnamed civilization currently known at the "Golden Chiefs". The team also uncovered a grisly clue as to how the apparent sacrifices might have met their fates, though forensic analysis is still underway. "A vessel full of

Pillar collapses in Pompeii garden

A pillar has collapsed at the ancient House of Loreius Tiburtinus in Pompeii. The House of Loreius Tiburtinus is famous for its extensive gardens and outdoor ornamentation, in particular its Euripi, fountains that feature many frescoes and statuettes. The frescoes portray the myths of Narcissus on one side of the fountain

Byzantine-era bathhouse unearthed in Israel

Archaeologists working in Israel have unearthed a 1,600-year-old bathhouse. "This is a bathhouse that measures 20 by 20 meters and dates to the fourth-fifth centuries CE (A.D.)," excavation director Rina Avner said. "The remains visible in the field include the frigidarium (cold room), tepidarium (warm room) and caldarium (hot room), as

Prehistoric settlement discovered in Serbia

A prehistoric settlement which dates back to the Iron Age has been found at Bare, in southern Serbia. Due to torrential waters and intensive agriculture at the location, the multilayer site Bare is now largely destroyed. "Had the site been investigated in the sixties of the last century, the archaeologist's findings would

Space archaeologist profile

ABC Science has posted an short interview with Alice Gorman, a space archaeologist. When I tell people I'm a space archaeologist… The first reaction is that they assume that I'm using remote sensing to look at sites on Earth. Then I say: 'No, no, no, I'm actually looking at rockets and planetary