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Bronze Age boats and artifacts found in England

Six 3,000-year-old wooden boats and hundreds of other artifacts, including a bowl of food, have been found near Peterborough, England.

The scale, quality and condition of the objects, the largest bronze age collection ever found in one place in Britain, have astonished archaeologists – and barely a fraction of the site has been excavated.

Unique textile fragments, wicker baskets and wooden sword handles have survived. There are even containers of food, including a bowl with a wooden spoon still wedged into the contents, now analysed as nettle stew, which may have been a favourite dish in 1000BC. The boats – two of which bear unusual decoration – are in such good condition that the wood grain and colour can be seen clearly, as can signs of repairs by their owners.

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Story: Dalya Alberge, The Observer | Photo: Dave Webb/Cambridge Archaeological Unit for the Observer

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