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8,900-year-old wooden pole found at bottom of lake

That title sounds pretty boring, but the real story is actually kind of interesting! An ancient pole has been found at the bottom of Lake Huron that may shed some like on a mysterious perhistoric period of North American history.

Research divers from the University of Michigan discovered a 5 1/2-foot-long, pole-shaped piece of wood that is tapered and beveled on one side in a way they say looks deliberate.

“This was the stage when humans gradually shifted from hunting large mammals like mastodon and caribou to fishing, gathering and agriculture,” anthropologist John O’Shea said in a university release Monday. “But because most of the places in this area that prehistoric people lived are now under water, we don’t have good evidence of this important shift itself — just clues from before and after the change.”

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Story: | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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