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Restored Edison recordings contains Otto von Bismarck’s voice Restored Edison recordings contains Otto von Bismarck’s voice Restored Edison recordings contains Otto von Bismarck’s voice

A collection of wax cylindrical phonographic records from Thomas Edison's laboratory have been restored. The cylinders, from 1889 and 1890, include the only known recording of the voice of the powerful chancellor Otto von Bismarck. Two preserve the voice of Helmuth von Moltke, a venerable German military strategist, reciting lines from

19th century gallows found on Tasmania

Archaeology students working in Oatlands, Tasmania, discovered gallows which date back to the 19th century. The 2m wide oblong of stone-block foundation marks the place where, on January 31, 1860, John Vigors was executed for "shooting at one John Baker with intent to kill and murder him". But the length of the

1,300-year-old Zapotec kiln found in Mexico

A kiln which was used by the Zapotec 1,300 years ago has been found in the Atzompa Archaeology Site in Oaxaca, Mexico. “Preliminarily, it was assumed that it might date from the first occupation years of the site, between 650 and 900 of the Common Era, more than 1,300 years ago,

Colour photos from inside Hitler’s home

A collection of colour photographs taken by Adolf Hitler's personal photogratpher have been released for the very first time. [Thx Kese!] The Mirror reports that photographer Hugo Jaeger was one of the few photographers working with color photography at the time and was granted access to Hitler's living and study quarters,

Using digital technologies to preserve the past

LiveScience has posted an interesting article about how archaeologists are using digital technologies to document excavations. In previous eras, researchers logged their data in notebooks, which were preserved along with photographs, maps and objects, in a physical archive. Rabinowitz can still access the notebooks and negatives of people who conducted research