Stone Age temple found on Orkney which predates Stonehenge

Published on January 9th, 2012 | by Admin


The discovery of a Stone Age temple complex on Orkney may rewrite the archaeological records of ancient Britain.

About 18 months ago, a remarkable rock coloured red, orange and yellow was unearthed. This is the first discovery in Britain of evidence that Neolithic peoples used paint to decorate their buildings.

Project manager Nick Card said the discoveries are unparalleled in British prehistory and that the complexity of finds is changing the “whole vision of what the landscape was 5000 years ago.” He said it was of “a scale that almost relates to the classical period in the Mediterranean with walled enclosure and precincts”.

Mr Card added: “It’s a huge discovery; in terms of scale and complexity there really is nothing else quite like it.

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Story: Gerry Braiden, Herald Scotland | Photo: Herald Scotland

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  1. Noida Hotels says:

    Nice info on Stone Age temple. I have already seen images of Stonehenge. At that time how they made it?

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