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Swiss court confiscates ancient coin from collector

A Swiss court has confiscated an ancient silver coin from a collector after determining that it was illegally excavated in Northern Greece. The coin was struck bu a Thracian ruler named Mosses in 480 B.C.

Thessaloniki University professor of archaeology Michalis Tiverios said examples of Mosses’ currency are very rare.

“There are very few coins struck in his name,” Tiverios said. “Octadrachms were heavy coins used for transactions abroad, usually for mercenaries’ wages, which is why they are very rarely found in Greece.”

After allegedly changing hands through a number of offshore companies, according to Greek authorities, the coin was sold in 2009 to an unidentified collector for 100,000 Swiss francs (US$106,000). It was then provisionally seized following a Greek request.

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Story: AP | Photo: CreationC

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