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1850s bathroom to be preserved

A bathroom which dates back to the 1850s has been dissembled from a plantation in Mississippi in order to reassemble it in a mansion in the Natchez National Historical Park.

Jeff Mansell, historian for NPS, said the bathroom is one of less than 20 antique bathrooms like it left in the country. He said it is a rare example of the emerging technology of the late 1850s.

Mansell said he believes the house had both hot and cold water during that time. He said water was heated in the basement and piped upstairs to the bathtub and wash table basin, both of which have two faucets.

“The fact that we had one of these systems in Natchez in the late 1850s is very significant,” Mansell said. “You just don’t come across things like this very often.”

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Story: Johan Huizinga, RNW | Photo: Eric Shelton/ The Natchez Democrat

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