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Britain’s oldest house threatened by environmental change

Britain’s oldest house, found at the Star Carr Mesolithic site in North Yorkshire, is being threatened by its deteriorating surroundings.

“The water table has fallen and the peat is shrinking and it is severely damaging the archaeology,” she said.

“The water keeps the oxygen and bacteria out and because they are now going into these deposits that is causing a lot of problems.

“We haven’t got much time left to excavate and we want to do some specialist analysis before all this important information vanishes forever.”

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Story: BBC News | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

One thought on “Britain’s oldest house threatened by environmental change

  1. There are multiple factors affecting the water table, the least of which is climate change. Consider that the island this house sits on – England – fits handily into any one of the US states that relies on the Ogalala Aquifer. For more than 100 years, the Ogalala has been the main source of water for growing crops in the US Midwest and is now being depleted. The Ogalala took centuries to fill, and cannot be recharged through annual precipitation amonts unless it is left untouched for centuries. It’s not a function of climate change. All over the world, water tables that built up over many centuries are being depleted simply through use. No matter what homo sapiens sapiens tries to do to prevent climate from changing, the only way to increase a water table is to stop using it.

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