Large piece of 140-year-old shipwreck washes ashore

Published on February 3rd, 2012 | by Admin


A substantial piece of the Jennie and Annie, a schooner which sank 140 years ago, has washed ashore on a Lake Michigan beach.

Sleeping Bear Dunes historians believe the schooner fragment, estimated to be about 40-feet long and peppered with twisted metals spikes, is part of the ship’s bilge keelsons, which the Oxford Handbook of Maritime Archeology says were long timbers running most of the ship’s length, strengthening the keel.

It’s one of several fragments of the wreck to wash ashore over the years, said Laura Quackenbush, museum technician with park service. In fact, wreck fragments from the Jennie and Annie, as well as other ships which foundered off the dunes coastline, wash ashore once or twice a year.

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Story: Garret Ellison, MLive | Photo: Mark Lindsay

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