Viking axe actually 18th century woodworking tool

Published on February 6th, 2012 | by Admin


Remember that Viking axe I posted about last week? Turns out it was just an 18th century woodworking tool.

Archaeologist Kurt Adams, from Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, said he went to see the find at Stroud Museum on Thursday.

He said: “It’s definitely an 18th or 19th Century woodworking tool – a heavy duty woodworking axe.

“Axes can be quite difficult to date because the form fits the function – but having said that Viking and battle axes are quite distinct.

“A single artefact doesn’t show evidence for a battle, as it could have been an object which was traded or lost.”

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Story: BBC News | Photo: BBC News

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One Response to Viking axe actually 18th century woodworking tool

  1. norm says:

    Sanity prevails again. Axes just like the above sell on e-bay for about five bucks.

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