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Genetic analysis links Native Americans with Siberia

DNA analysis has revealed that Native Americans may have originated in the Altay Mountains of Siberia.

In the case of the Altay people, the scientists found a mutation in one paternal lineage that arose about 18,000 years ago—a genetic marker that’s also found in modern-day Native Americans.

The finding dovetails with previous studies, including some by Schurr, that found a shared mutation in the tAwo groups’ mtDNA, one that arose around the same time as the newfound Y chromosome mutation.

This time line also fits with other genetic research showing that the first Altay populations began to leave for North America about 15,000 years ago, most likely reaching the continent via the now submerged Beringia land bridge.

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Story: Chrisine Dell’Amore, National Geographic News | Photo: David Edwards, National Geographic

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