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Colosseum damaged by heavy snow

Heavy snow in Italy has caused damage to Rome’s Colosseum and the medieval town of Urbino.

In Rome, fragments have fallen from the Colosseum which remains closed to tourists. The famous Roman amphitheatre, which is at the centre of a busy road junction, is blackened by pollution and has been losing pieces for years.

A long-delayed restoration of the 2 000-year-old monument is set to start next month, with funding from Italian billionaire Diego Della Valle.

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Story: News24 | Photo: AFP

One thought on “Colosseum damaged by heavy snow

  1. To bad the Colosseum has been damaged because of the snow and cold temperatures. I hope they can fix it. It would be a shame if the Colosseum would disappear. It is the symbol of Rome. Rome isn’t Rome anymore without it.

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