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Religious relic stolen from Dublin cathedral

A religious relic, the heard of the 12th-century St. Laurence O’Toole, has been stolen from the Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin. It is the most recent case in a rash of thefts that have taken place in Ireland.

After scrutiny of closed-circuit television video, the police are now concentrating on two men who visited the cathedral on Saturday morning. The men, both of whom are believed to be foreign nationals after they had a discussion with the desk clerk at the entrance, studiously avoided looking at the camera and refused to remove the caps they were wearing. One of them was carrying a backpack, which, when they left shortly afterward, was being carried at knee-height. The police are now viewing video from public cameras nearby in an effort to identify the car they were driving.

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Story: Douglas Dalby, NYT | Photo: Shawn Pgatchnik, AP

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