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LiDAR: Light Detection And Ranging

Ars Technica has posted an interesting article about LiDAR and how archaeologists are using it in the field.

Last year, LiDAR enabled Fisher to create a full-fledged picture of the important Mesoamerican capital in greater detail. This included the discovery of several pyramids, ceremonial complexes and thousands of residences and other buildings that no one knew existed in the city. Much is known about the Purepecha at the time of European contact in the 16th century, but little has been uncovered about their origins. This project should help with that.

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Story: Curt Hopkins, Ars Technica | Photo: Chris Fisher

One thought on “LiDAR: Light Detection And Ranging

  1. Greetings !!!

    I wonder how the LIDAR technology can help us in locating possible treasure sites here in the Philippines?

    will this be helpful to us in locating and retrieval opertation of treasures burried here in our country ?

    Thanks !

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