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Ancient Greek theatre to undergo restoration

The ancient Greek theatre of Delos, built in 250 B.C., is set to undergo restoration.

The project was presented by engineer Constantinos Zampas and his collaborators Gerasimos Thomas and Irini Doudoumis, and is an initiative of the “Diazoma” organisation. It is based on a study carried out by Philip Fraisse and Jean Ch. Moretti of the French School of Archaeology, who started the first excavations by the end of the 19th century. Several small interventions and cleanup operations will protect the theatre against the ravages of time and will restore its lost splendour. The actual restoration work will include moving and labelling the architectonic pieces in the area, protection of the rock surfaces to make it easier for rainwater to flow away and the protection of containment walls. The operation will cost around 1.5 million euros, according to the Greek press. No new marble will be used in the project.

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Story: ANSAMed | Photo: ANSAMed

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