Some Neanderthals had brown eyes, dark skin

Published on March 21st, 2012 | by Admin


A genetic study of two Neanderthal females found in Croatia has revealed that they had brown hair and brown eyes.

The study has provoked deep skepticism among several outside researchers, however, who criticize numerous aspects of its methodology. The results also run contrary to other genetic evidence and to a long-held hypothesis that Neandertals, who lived mostly in northern latitudes, must’ve had light skin to get enough vitamin D.

But even scientists who have doubts about the new research say it still provides food for thought. “Neandertals occupied a wide geographical range,” says John Hawks of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, who was not involved in the study and who is also studying the physical traits of ancient humans, so “it’s likely that they were variable in pigmentation. … We are really at the first step.”

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Story: Traci Watson, Science Magazine | Photo: Philippe Plailly & Atelier Daynes / Photo Researchers, Inc

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4 Responses to Some Neanderthals had brown eyes, dark skin

  1. Benjamin Marcus Raucher says:

    I am not convinced Neanderthal looked essentially identical to us as the pictute suggests

    Benjamin Raucher

  2. Joel says:

    I have a friend who looks almost identical to the above picture. He has the green eyes, bone structure and everything. The only difference is my friends nose is a little bigger and broader. If you every need an actor or a model, let me know and maybe I can recruit him. I showed him the picture and it was one of those ‘WoW’ moments.

  3. Haha, send me a pic!

  4. Popeye Kahn says:

    The reconstruction is of a woman… and a damned attractive one by my reckoning.
    Why did “sapiens neanderthalensis” and “sapiens sapiens” interbreed?
    A no-brainer, really.

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