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Belief in the supernatural may have led to Mayan collapse

The collapse of the Classic Mayan civilization may have occurred due to their belief in the supernatural.

Reoccupying elevated interior areas with large numbers of people would require intense labor to re-establish water management systems, helping to explain why they were left abandoned, the researchers noted. In contrast, dwelling in the neighboring, low-lying areas was less challenging, and evidence suggests that sites there were typically occupied continuously even when the major political and economic networks they were linked with collapsed.

At the same time, the Classic Maya would have implicated gods and their “divine” rulers for the collapse. In that way, their abandoned territories became thought of as chaotic, haunted places, and reclaiming any lands from the forest was at best done with great care and ritual. Survivors in outlying sites may often not have bothered. “Reoccupation called for a reordering of a most profound kind,” the researchers write in the March 6 issue of the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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Story: Charles Choi, LiveScience | Photo: Science/AAAS

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