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Intact 2,500-year-old tomb unearthed in China

An intact tomb which dates back 2,500 years has been unearthed in Eastern China. Judging from the size of the tomb and the scale and type of artifacts it contained, it may have contained the body of a dignitary who lived about 2,600 years ago during the Eastern Zhou Period (770

The search for the Loch Soy

Students in Australia have begun a search for the Loch Soy, a Scottish sailing ship which sank off the coast of Kangaroo Island in 1899. A group of four archaeology students searched the sea and land on Kangaroo Island’s west coast earlier this month in a bid to find the historic

Roman artifacts found in English molehills

Archaeologists in England are sifting through the dirt churned up by burrowing moles to find ancient Roman artifacts. Epiacum, an isolated Roman fort close to the Cumbrian border 12 miles south of Hadrian’s Wall, is a scheduled ancient monument and as such, any excavation is banned on site. But humans has never