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Viking-era coin cache found on Baltic Island

A Viking-era “piggy bank” containing thousands of silver coins from the 11th century has been found on the Baltic island of Gotland.

X-rays also indicate that the bucket, which measures 23 centimetres in diameter and has a depth of about 17 centimetres, likely contains “thousands” of coins.

“We can’t say for sure because the x-rays couldn’t penetrate all the silver. There might be other silver artefacts in there, but as it looks now, the bucket appears filled to the brim with coins,” said Widerström.

He explained that the find is unusual in that it was a complete treasure was found intact, something which is likely due to the fact that it was nestled just over 30 centimetres deep in the earth.

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Story: The Locals | Photo: Gotland Museum

One thought on “Viking-era coin cache found on Baltic Island

  1. Wow, this makes me want to go buy a metal detector and go on a treasure hunt itself. Finding a cache of silver coins is one thing, but finding old Viking coins is totally awesome.

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