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Using 3D printers to restore artifacts

Wired has posted an interesting story about the use of 3D printing in restoring some ancient artifacts in Beijing’s Forbidden City.

The team is capturing the shape of the original objects using laser or optical scanners then cleaning up the data using reverse engineering techniques. This allows damaged parts of intricate artefacts to be restored in the 3D model before being 3D printed. This has been possible for some time, but Zhang has developed a formalised approach tailored to the restoration of historic artefacts. The teams is working on the ceiling and enclosure of a pavilion in the Emperor Qianlong Garden.

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Story: Olivia Solon, Wired | Photo: Loughborough University

One thought on “Using 3D printers to restore artifacts

  1. This is great! The brilliant thing about 3D printers is that they can recreate things with pinpoint precision, so the reconstructions will be accurate to a tee.

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