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Buried WWII Spitfires to return to the UK

Twenty Spitfire airplanes, buried in Burma during WWII to hide them from the Japanese, are set to be dug up and returned to the UK. [Thx Chulian for posting this in my Facebook group!]

He said the Spitfires, of which there are only around 35 flying left in the world, were shipped to Burma and then transported by rail to the British RAF base during the war.

However, advances in technology and the emergence of more agile jets meant they were never used and officials abandoned them shortly before the end of the conflict.

“They were just buried there in transport crates,” Mr Cundall said. “They were waxed, wrapped in greased paper and their joints tarred. They will be in near perfect condition.”

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Story: Victoria Ward and Rowena Mason, The Telegraph | Photo: Corbis

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