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Abbot’s grave found in Furness Abbey ruins

The remains of a church official has been found in the remains of Furness Abbey in Cumbria, England.

During excavations by Oxford Archeology North to investigate the seriousness of the problem, members of the team came across the undisturbed grave of the abbot together with his personal paraphernalia.

Curator Susan Harrison said it was particularly surprising because the grave had not been disturbed by 16th-century post-dissolution robbers, nor Victorian and Edwardian gentlemen antiquarians. Everyone had missed it until now.

The crozier is unusual and the first to be excavated in this country for 50 years. It has a central gilded silver plaque which shows the archangel Michael slaying a dragon with his sword.

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Story: Mark Brown, The Guardian | Photo: Tony Bartholomew/English Heritag/PA

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