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Yet another collapse in Pompeii

A frescoed wall in Pompeii has collapsed prompting further discussions about the importance of preserving the ancient city.

The special archeological superintendent for Naples and Pompeii confirmed the collapse of the red frescoed wall next to an unidentified villa in an area already closed to the public.

The collapse was particularly embarrassing for the government because it followed several similar incidents at the world heritage site in the past two years.

There is growing concern about Italy’s ability to protect it from further deterioration, amid claims that restoration funds have been diverted to the local Mafia, or Camorra.

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Story: Josephine McKenna, The Daily Telegraph | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

One thought on “Yet another collapse in Pompeii

  1. They need to do a digital video tour before any more collapses. Sell the video tour or make it available online for cost and use that money to try and do the restorations. It would also at least make the images always available even if they can’t all be preserved in time.

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