DNA analysis of Peruvian funeral monuments shows buried were related

Published on April 26th, 2012 | by Admin


Genetic research performed on the remains of individuals found in an ancient Peruvian funeral monument known as a chullpa has revealed that they buried were all from the same family.

Two of the chullpas contained sets of males with identical Y chromosomes, which meant these were two groups of directly related males (fathers, sons, brothers) of several generations buried together.This finding matched the currently accepted male-dominated ayllu theory.

There was an outlier, though. In a third chullpa three different male lineages were found. Comparison of the maternal DNA of these males suggests that two of the males had the same mother but different fathers, and the third male was related to one of the mothers (but not the fathers), probably a half brother.

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Story: Jennifer Welsh, LiveScience | Photo: M. Baca et. al, BMC Genetics, 2012

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