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Olmec altar and stele found in Mexico

A 2,500-year-old alter and stele have been found at the Chalcatzingo archaeological site in Central Mexico. he pieces are thought to have been made between 800 and 500 B.C., about the same age as another altar and a relief depicting three cats that archaeologists from INAH's Morelos Center found at Chalcatzingo

Climate change led to collapse of Harappan civilization

New research indicats that climate change led to the demise of the Harappan civilization which one spread across India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh 5,200 years ago. Initially, the monsoon-drenched rivers the researchers identified were prone to devastating floods. Over time, monsoons weakened, enabling agriculture and civilization to flourish along flood-fed riverbanks

Neolithic burials reveals Stone Age inequality

Research carried out on more than 300 Neolithic burials has revealed that those buried with tools had access to better land than those buried without them. The project was led by professor Alasdair Whittle from Cardiff University's school of history, archaeology and religion, and involved studying more than 300 skeletons across

Roman-era shipwrecks found on Greek coast

The remains of two wooden shipwrecks, complete with potter and marble artifacts, have been found off the western coast of Greece. A ministry statement says the wreckage was found in an area where a Greek-Italian gas pipeline is to be located, the Associated Press reports. A Greek oceanographic vessel using side-scan radar