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Lahore Fort access restricted due to daily vandalism

The Lahore Fort in Pakistan receives thousands of visitors a day, many of who deface the historical site. Now officials are restricting access to the building.

About 6,000 people visit the Lahore Fort every day, and up to 100,000 on public holidays like Eid. Some 60 guards have been recruited over the last two years to monitor them and CCTV cameras installed in various places. The guards work in eight-hour shifts, with 20 on duty at any given time. Two each are on duty at the Fort’s three doors. The rest keep a check on the 21 buildings inside.

“These additions have not been effective in preventing people from writing on the walls,” said Khan.

The lime-plastered walls of the dalans (verandahs) in Jehangir’s Quadrangle – restored between 2002 and 2004 – were riddled with graffiti in permanent ink within a month of reopening to the public and closed soon after, says Khan.

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Story: Sonia Malik, The Express Tribune | Photo: AFP

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