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Italian earthquake damages historical buildings

A deadly earthquake in northeast Italy yesterday has caused serious damage to some of the region’s historical buildings.

The earthquake and a powerful aftershock that followed it on Sunday brought down the belltower in Finale Emilia — the shocking image of the tower was on the front pages of many newspapers on Monday as Italy counted the losses.

The cathedral in the town also lay in ruins and turrets of the 13th century Castello delle Rocche were extensively damaged — their bricks splayed out as if the ancient fortress had been hit by a barrage of cannon fire.

“At the moment we’re just dealing with the emergency. We’re looking at all the homes to make sure that people can live in them. The reconstruction of the churches has to take second place unfortunately,” said the emergency worker who requested anonymity as he was not authorised to speak to the media.

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Story: Dario Thuburn, AFP | Photo: Giuseppe Cacace, AFP

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