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WWII Soviet plane recovered from Russian lake

It seems that a lot of planes are being found underwater lately. The latest is a Societ fighter-bomber from WWII that was recovered from a lake in Northern Russia last thursday. [Thanks for the link Chulian!] The Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik was under 17 meters of water. Its recovery followed a "truly remarkable"

Roman jewellery found in Japanese tomb

Roman-made glass beads have been found inside a 5th century burial mound near Kyoto. The government-backed institute has recently finished analysing components of the glass beads, measuring five millimetres (0.2 inches) in diametre, with tiny fragments of gilt attached. It found that the light yellow beads were made with natron, a chemical

Stonehenge may have been built as a symbol of peace

A new study claims that Stonehenge was built as a symbol of peace between the people of eastern and western England. Centuries of speculation have attributed countless functions to the famous Wiltshire landmark, describing it variously as a prehistoric observatory, a place of healing and a temple for ritual sacrifice. But a

Pottery shards hint at 7,000-year-old yoghurt production

An analysis of pottery shards found in North Africa suggests that yoghurt may have been on the menu 7,000 years ago. The fermented dairy product left tell-tale traces of fat on the ceramic fragments, suggesting a way that the region’s inhabitants may have evolved to tolerate milk as adults. The same team

Pipeline construction unearths treasure

Construction work on a gas pipeline in northern Germany has unearthed a trove of gold chains, thought to be an ancient form of bullion, which dates back 3,300 years. The most beautiful find was made in the Gessel district of Lower Saxony, where 117 pieces of gold were found stacked tightly