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Shipwreck, complete with coconut cargo, found in Ireland

A 16th century shipwreck has found in Schull Harbour, Ireland, buried in the silt under 10 meters of water.

Contracted underwater archaeologist Julianna O’Donoghue suspended pipe laying works on the multi-million Schull Wastewater Treatment plant when machines struck and partly damaged the wreck last week.

The ship’s cargo of coconuts was uncovered during this process.

Little is known of the wreck’s origins at present as archaeologist’s work continues.

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Story: Westcork Times | Photo: Geograph

One thought on “Shipwreck, complete with coconut cargo, found in Ireland

  1. apparently many many years ago there was a Spanish shipwreck on the coast of county Kerry. It is rumored that these Spaniards mingled with native Irish people and thus contributed to there dna…giving us what some people have to come to call “black Irish” with dark skin hair and eyes ” I Was wondering if you knew anything about this? I have a interest in this subject as my grandmothers family came from Kerry and Cork. My grandmother was dark skinned with brown eyes and black curly hair. Please shed some light on this topic if you can.
    Thank you,Gia

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