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Vandals smash 1,600-year-old mosaic

Vandals in Tiberias, Israel, have severely damaged a 1,600-year-old mosaic located in an ancient synagogue.

Israel Antiquities Authority deputy director Uzi Dahari said a fringe group of ultra-Orthodox Jews were suspected of causing the damage, much of it irreversible. Dahari said the graffiti scrawled across parts of the archaeological site and previous threats against the Antiquities Authority suggested they were the perpetrators.

Photographs issued by the Antiquities Authority showed parts of the mosaic floor reduced to gray chunks of rubble. Other photographs showed blue spray paint scrawled over the mosaic, covering ancient Hebrew and Greek letters spelled out in blue, red and beige tiles. Graffiti was also scrawled along rock walls beside the mosaic. Perpetrators also punched a hole in the mosaic between two candelabras.

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Story: CBS News | Photo: AP Photo/IAA, HO

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  1. Its very sad that people choose to destroy our past and the future with vandlelism! They aren’t happy with themselves, so they destroy most everything in their way ! I hope that this stops for our children deserve to see the past as well as their children.

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