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Wreck of German U-boat found off Scottish coast

A twelve year search for U-1206, a German U-boat which sunk 70 years ago, has come to an end after a team of divers found the wreckage off the coast of Scotland.

“Most dives we do involve discovering a wreck and then finding out her story. “This was the first one where we have known all of her story beforehand, but finding her remained elusive until now.” According to historians, the fault with the toilet – or “heads” – was caused by a crewman opening the wrong valve to flush it. This caused the contents of the toilet to flood the submarine’s batteries underneath, producing poisonous chlorine gas.

The problem derived from the toilet’s complicated high-pressure valve system, developed so U-boats could dive deeper to evade Allied attack.

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Story: Jack, War History Online | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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