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2,000-year-old coin found in Roman coin hoard

In 2007 20,000 silver coins, dubbed the Beau Street Hoard, were found in a stone-lined box in Bath, England. The coins are now being individually cleaned and studied and so far a coin from 32 B.C. has been identified as the oldest of the bunch.

Mr Clews said the previous oldest coin found in the hoard was from about 190 AD but one has now been dated from the time of Mark Antony.

“The 32 BC coin is quite worn and must have circulated a bit before it was hoarded,” he said.

He said the previous most recent coin was from 268 AD to 270 AD but one from 274 AD has now been found.

“The whole hoard must be at least five years younger than we thought,” Mr Clews said.

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Story: Jane Onyanga-Omara, BBC News | Photo: The Trustees of the British Museum

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