LiDAR locates possible lost city hidden in Honduras rainforest

Published on June 8th, 2012 | by Admin


Researchers performing a Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR) survey of the rainforests of Honduras have identified ancient ruins, possibly the lost city of  Ciudad Blanca, beneath the think jungle canopy.

In the Honduras project, the UH team blanketed the area with as many 25 to 50 laser pulses per square meter — a total of more than four billion laser shots. A number of areas were mapped and the images collected were reduced and filtered to remove the vegetation and provide “bare earth” digital elevation models in near real?time in the field.

The digital elevation models were then used to produce geodetic images of the terrain’s surface below the rainforest, and those images were searched by eye to study geomorphological features as well as potential archaeological ruins.

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Story: ScienceDaily | Photo: DAR

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One Response to LiDAR locates possible lost city hidden in Honduras rainforest

  1. Benjamin Raucher says:

    Amazing story and interesting how nature can overgrow that which was once a city leaving little trace of the former glory.


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