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WWII bomber recovered from Baltic Sea floor

German military divers have recovered the remains of a rare Stuka dive-bomber wreck found recently on the floor of the Baltic Sea. More photos can be seen here. [thx to Chulian for the links!]

The Stuka wreck, first discovered in the 1990s when a fisherman’s nets snagged on it, lies about 10 km off the coast of the German Baltic island of Ruegen, in about 18 metres (60 feet) of water.

The divers have been working over the past week to prepare the bomber to be hoisted to the surface, using fire hoses to carefully free it from the sand. They have already brought up smaller pieces and also hauled up its motor over the weekend.

They are now working to free the main 9-metre (30-foot) fuselage piece and expect to bring it up on Tuesday, depending on the weather, said Capt. Sebastian Bangert, a spokesman from the German Military Historical Museum in Dresden, which is running the recovery operation.

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Story: AP | Photo: AP

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