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Recovered WWII plane wreck misidentified

Remember the Stuka JU87 that was recovered from the bottom of the Baltic Sea after crashing into the waters during WWII? Turns out the plane is actually a larger JU88 bomber, and they found partial human remains inside.

“It looked just like the Stuka in the underwater pictures — everything that we had brought up had been pieces that were used in the JU87 — so there was no reason to doubt it,” he said. “But this find is perhaps historically even more important.”

Perhaps more importantly, the divers have also found human remains, including a partial skull, which they hope to be able to identify.

“Right now there is someone who just knows that their grandfather or great grandfather went missing in the war, to give that person closure is our goal,” Bangert said. “And for us as a history museum, the aircraft is the only way to convey the information … the history behind it, the personnel, how did they live, what did they experience, that is what we want to tell.”

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Story: David Rising, AP | Photo: Jens Koehler, DAPD

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