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War of 1812 artifacts uncovered at Fort Erie dig

Archaeologists working at Fort Erie in Ontario, Canada, have uncovered a collection of artifacts and traces of buildings which date back to the War of 1812.

To the west of the fort, 20 archeology students from Laurier are hunched over precise plots, measuring 1 metre by 3, like miniature graves. For four weeks now they’ve been meticulously removing earth, layer by layer, until they hit hard clay, revealing the contour of the original earthworks.

Along the way, they’re carefully recording what they find, where, and at what level.

Although the plots are only a tiny fraction of the original American lines, the students have already come up with scores of musket balls and buckshot, the remains of British mortar bombs and U.S. army buttons.

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Story: Kenneth Kidd, Toronto Star | Photo: Kenneth Kid, Toronto Star

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