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Welsh people are the most ancient Britons

New research has revealed the Welsh are a genetically distinct group which dates back to the Ice Age.

Prof Donnelly said: “People from Wales are genetically relatively distinct, they look different genetically from much of the rest of mainland Britain, and actually people in north Wales look relatively distinct from people in south Wales.”

While there were traces of migrant groups across the UK, there were fewer in Wales and Cornwall.

He said people from south and north Wales genetically have “fairly large similarities with the ancestry of people from Ireland on the one hand and France on the other, which we think is most likely to be a combination of remnants of very ancient populations who moved across into Britain after the last Ice Age.

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Story: BBC News | Photo: BBC News

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  1. Fascinating stuff! Have always been very interested in human migration. Had my mtDNA done a few years ago. Turns out I have a mutation which categorizes me as a ‘Xenia’ originating from the Caucasus region. Also several North American Indian tribes carry the same mutation as I have although most of my mtDNA recent roots originate from North West England and I personally, look much more ‘Anglo Saxon’. Interesting to speculate how this ‘mutation’ migration arrived in North America – Did my maternal ancestors reach NA or did they somehow, come from NA?

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