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Trove of Victorian rubbish found in Greenwich

A collection of Victorian garbage, ranging from champagne bottles to tennis balls, has been found beneath the steps of the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich.

The haul is so precisely the kind of domestic junk that any untidy householder shoves into a cupboard before an unexpected visitor, that archaeologists wonder if it represents just that, a hasty cleanup before a grand event at a site where royalty were regular visitors.

“It’s the great thing about archaeology, it doesn’t matter whether it’s Roman or Victorian, things are always going to turn up which take you completely by surprise – and this was a real surprise and a bit of a mystery,” said Nigel Jeffries from Museum of London Archaeology. “We were the first people to handle these objects since the space was bricked up 130 years ago. Was somebody just told to get rid of this stuff quickly – and spotted a convenient hole under the steps which was too good to pass by?”

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Story: Maev Kennedy, The Guardian | Photo: Alamy

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