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Archaeologists excavated Iron Age mass grave

Archaeologists in Denmark have re-opened a mass grave containing the remains of loads of Iron Age warriors in order to learn more about their fate.

Experts started digging again on Monday, saying they expected to find more bodies dating back 2,000 years to around the time of Christ.

“I guess we will end up with a scale that is much larger than the 200 that we have at present,” Aarhus University archaeologist Mads Kahler Holst told Reuters.

“We have only touched upon a very small part of what we expect to be there … We have not seen anything like this before in Denmark, but it is quite extraordinary even in a European perspective,” he added, speaking by phone from the site on damp grazing meadows near Jutland’s large lake of Mossoe.

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Story: John Acher, Reuters | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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