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Horde of coins found in Shropshire field

A retired engineer uncovered a pot of coins in a field in England and called in the experts to properly remove the artifacts.

Mr Reavill was alerted to a farmer’s field in Bitterley by retired engineer Howard Murphy, 66, of Ludlow, after he had found a silver coin. Remarkably, Mr Murphy resisted the temptation to unearth a pot stuffed with silver and gold coins, deciding to leave it to the experts.

Mr Reavill said: “I can’t speak highly enough of Mr Murphy. He did exactly the right thing. Instead of trying to unearth the pot of coins, he left them in the ground.

“That meant the site was left intact so that archaeologists could do their work. It helped because we were able to recover the pot without any significant damage.

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Story: Shropshire Star | Photo: Shropshire Star

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