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“Frankenstein” mummies found off coast of Scotland

Archaeologists working on a Scottish island have found mummies beneath the foundations of a 3,000-year-old house that appear to be made up of parts of different corpses.

Bizarrely, the man’s remains were composed of bones from three different people, possessing the torso and limbs of one man, the skull and neck of another, and the lower jaw from a third, possibly a woman.

The researchers made this discovery of his Frankenstein-like nature by analyzing his skeleton — for instance, evidence of arthritis was seen on the vertebrae of the neck, but not on the rest of the spine, revealing these parts came from different bodies. Also, the lower jaw had all its teeth, whereas those of the upper jaw were entirely missing, and the condition of the lower jaw’s teeth revealed they once interacted with a full set of teeth in his upper jaw, showing they originally belonged to another man.

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Story: Charles Choi, LiveScience | Photo: Michael Parker-Pearson

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