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Early humans ate bark

A study of Australopithecus sediba teeth from two individuals show that they chewed on bark and leaves. Teeth from two individuals were analysed in the latest research, focussing on patterns of dental wear, carbon isotope data and plant fragments from dental tartar. The evidence suggests the ape-like creature ate leaves, fruit, bark,

Ancient hunter-gatherer groups interacted with each other

Genetic research indicates that ancient hunter-gatherer groups has contact with each other. Until about 8500 years ago, Europe was populated by nomadic hunter-gatherers who hunted, fished, and ate wild plants. Then, the farming way of life swept into the continent from its origins in the Near East, including modern-day Turkey. Within

East Asia’s oldest farming site

Researchers working in South Korea have unearthed a neolithic farming site. Archaeologist Cho Mi-soon said Wednesday that the agency has found the remains of a farming field from the Neolithic period on South Korea's east coast. The site may be up to 5,600 years old. That's more than 2,000 years older