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5,000-year-old funerary boat found in Egyptian cemetery

A funerary boat belonging to King Den has been found at an Archaic period cemetery northeast of the Giza Plateau.

The funerary boat was buried with royalty, as ancient Egyptians believed it would transfer the king’s soul to the afterlife for eternity.

Unearthed in the northern area of Mastaba number six (a flat-roofed burial structure) at the archaeological site, boat consists of 11 large wooden planks reaching six metres high and 150 metres wide, Minister of State for Antiquities Mohamed Ibrahim said in a press release sent to Ahram Online on Wednesday.

The wooden sheets were transported to the planned National Museum of Egyptian Civilisation for restoration and are expected to be put on display at the Nile hall when the museum is finished and opens its doors to the public next year.

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Story: Nevine El-Aref, Ahram | Photo: Ahram

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