Life-sized Hittite lion sculptures found in Turkey

Published on August 3rd, 2012 | by Admin


Two life-sized lion sculptures, made by the Hittites, have been found in Turkey. Now archaeologists are trying to figure out what they were for.

One idea is that the statues, created between 1400 and 1200 B.C., were meant to be part of a monument for a sacred water spring, the researchers said.

The lifelike lions were created by the Hittites who controlled a vast empire in the region at a time when the Asiatic lion roamed the foothills of Turkey.

“The lions are prowling forward, their heads slightly lowered; the tops of their heads are barely higher than the napes,” write Geoffrey Summers, of the Middle East Technical University, and researcher Erol Özen in an article published in the most recent edition of the American Journal of Archaeology.

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Story: Owen Jarus, LiveScience | Photo: American Journal of Archaeology

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One Response to Life-sized Hittite lion sculptures found in Turkey

  1. BWA says:

    Looks more like a sharpei (which could lead to an entirely new line of inquiry).

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