Stone tools tell story of transition from hunting to farming

Published on August 15th, 2012 | by Admin


A new study has revealed that the transition from a hunter-gatherer existence to agricultural-based societies closely parallels the development of stone woodworking tools.

Prior to the Neolithic period, no evidence has been found to suggest that tools were powerful enough to cut and carve wood, let alone fell trees. New evidence suggests that as the Neolithic age progressed, sophisticated carpentry developed alongside agriculture.

“Intensive woodworking and tree-felling was a phenomenon that only appeared with the onset of the major changes in human life, including the transition to agriculture and permanent villages,” says Dr. Barkai, whose research was published in the journal PLoS ONE.

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Story: RedOrbit | Photo: Tel Aviv University

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  1. “Stone tools tell story of transition from hunting to farming |
    A Blog About History – History News” was in fact extremely compelling and enlightening!
    Within the present day universe that’s really difficult to manage.
    Many thanks, Jerri

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