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Amelia Earhart researchers spot possible plane debris

Researchers hunting for answers in the famous mystery of what happened to pilot Amelia Earhart believe they may have spotted debris that may have come from her plane. [Thx Chulian for the link!]

“We see elements in the underwater photos that are consistent with pieces of landing gear,” TIGHAR director Richard Gillespie told AFP, noting his team spotted something that could have been a tire.

“This is a promising development,” Gillespie said.

“We need to do much more analysis… We haven’t claimed to solve the mystery with this. It’s the next step in the investigation.”

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Story: AFP | Photo: AFP

One thought on “Amelia Earhart researchers spot possible plane debris

  1. But they didn’t find anything. She’s not there — the plane’s not there.

    Amelia’s Lockheed Electra was within 75 miles of her target Howland Island when her radio cut out. Then the US sent nine ships, 66 aircraft, and well over 3,000 sailors and airmen. They covered well over 250,000 sq. miles of open sea and every island within a 650 mile radius of Howland.

    US CGC Itasca Chief Radioman Leo Bellarts 30, was on watch that morning and said: “In the early morning, signals came in pretty good. I actually did go outside and stand right out the radio shack and thought I would hear a motor any second. Her voice was loud and clear; sounded frantic on her last transmission. Then it cut off.”

    Amelia Earhart was an American heroine, a record-breaking aviatrix, and a celebrity world wide.

    Earhart was not a spy — she was a decoy.

    You Search for what you want to keep; you Hunt for what you want to catch.

    Taken from, The Hunt For Amelia Earhart
    Douglas Westfall, historic publisher,

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