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Grave robbers loot Nazi memorabilia

Grave robbers are looting Nazi memorabilia from the graves of soldiers who died on the Eastern Front.

Armed Forces charities have expressed fury and frustration at the “deplorable” groups digging up the bodies of German soldiers to feed a multimillion-pound international industry in Nazi relics.

The artefacts, ranging from small personal effects such as dog tags to parts of tanks, are sold over the internet or through informal networks. The human remains are then buried in mass graves, scattered, or sold.

The Times has found hundreds of Nazi objects taken from battlefields in Demyansk, near Novgorod in Russia, and Kurland in Latvia, listed for sale on websites such as eBay. A reporter was also offered the chance to buy SS dog tags dug up from a battleground in east Germany at a militaria fair in Kent.

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Story: Oliver Moody, The Australian | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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