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35,000-year-old ivory workshop found in Germany

Excavations at a mammoth hunting site in Germany have uncovered an ivory workshop that dates back 35,000 years. It was possible to identify a zone where pieces of ivory were split into lamella, as well as a second area where the pieces had been carved and their waste had been discarded.

Humans were hunting for meat 2 million years ago

Evidence has been found in Tanzania that reveals humans were capable of hunting animals 2 million years ago, 1.6 million years earlier than previously thought. Two million years ago, our human ancestors were small-brained apemen and in the past many scientists have assumed the meat they ate had been gathered from

Researchers study 170-year-old Irish potatoes

Researchers have studied potatoes from the Irish potato famines in order to learn more about potato blight, caused by the microorganism Phytophthora infestans. Scientists at Rothamsted extracted DNA from potato samples dating back as far as the 1840s, that had been dried, ground and stored in glass bottles by Victorian scientists,

Inspiration for James Bond revealed?

A British spy named Forest "Tommy" Yeo-Thomas, who went by the code name White Rabbit, has been identified as the inspiration behind Ian Fleming's James Bond. The two men worked in different units – Yeo-Thomas for the Special Operations Executive and Fleming in the Naval Intelligence Division – and this is

Mystery surrounds British “Frankenstein” mummies

Researchers are delving into the mystery surrounding two 3,000-year-old skeletons which appear to be made up of at least six different people who died hundreds of years apart. The researchers now believe that large extended families, living under one roof, may have shared their homes with the mummified remains of their

17-century stolen treasures being recovered from Polish river

Low water levels in Poland's Vistula River are allowing archaeologists to recover a variety of treasures that were stolen from royals in the mid-17th century by Swedish invaders. The valuable artistic objects -- marble floor tiles, parts of archways and columns -- were robbed from Warsaw by the Swedes who overran