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Ancient farming tools found in Vietnam

A set of five stone hoes which date back 4,000 years have been found in Vietnam.

The set was first unearthed accidentally by family members of Nguyen Van Hoi in Yen Minh Town when they were preparing to build a house. The stone hoes were carved in quadrangle form and polished smoothly. The hoes were found displayed next to one another with traces of burnt coal nearby.

After examining them carefully, scientists confirmed that the tools were made of hard riolit stone, which is abundant in the area. The tools measure 18cm in length and 7cm in width and are 2.5cm thick. Based on traces on the tools and their chipped edges, experts believe that they were tied to sticks, which served as handles, and used for quite a while.

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Story: VNS | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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