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Restored: The first film shot in colour

Film archivists from the Science Museum in London have revived the earliest known film segments to be shot in colour.

The obscure film segments were long considered failed prototypes, blurry flickers of color seen by no more than a handful of people before being consigned to an archive. But the National Media Museum in the northern England city of Bradford said digitization had effectively rescued the footage, unlocking remarkably modern-looking images created more than a century ago.

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Story: Raphael G. Satter, AP | Photo: AP, National Media Museum

One thought on “Restored: The first film shot in colour

  1. Don’t you love it when there is an accepted historical sequence in a particular topic, then a new discovery blows the old certainties for six?

    I was lecturing on the history of film making (not my area of expertise, for sure) and did my reading very carefully. But the story never included clear colour images from the earliest Edwardian times. What a great discovery!

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